Ekiti State Pavilion - Another Promise Kept

The Ekiti State Pavilion at Night.

Beautiful! Magnificent! Fantastic! These are some of the words used by passers-by, residents and even social network users on the picturesque view of the newly completed Pavilion.

The edifice which has been described as bigger and cheaper than the Eagle Square built in Abuja couple of years ago has been painstakingly constructed to meet today's standard of any event centre in the nation and even beyond.

In an earlier view by the Special Adviser, Bureau of Special Projects, Bayo Kelekun, the cost of construction of the Eagle Square is twice, the amount spent on the state Pavilion. “The fund spent here is not comparable to what was spent in the Abuja event arena built couple of years ago. The land area of the Pavilion before the start of work was water-logged, muddy and bushy. It appeared not useful at all. But the whole process was to ensure a regeneration effort of Mr. Governor. The project is a catalyst for economic growth and development of the state because it will be a veritable source of revenue for government and a platform for active economic rejuvenation."

On Thursday, 19 June, 2014, the event arena witnessed its first influx of people in their thousands, the All Progressives Congress (APC) converged there for their last Mega Rally to usher in the June 21 election.

The work when completed would be commissioned at a later date.